Fred Poisson Painting
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Fred Poisson Painting

These are not your typical paintings in watercolor. Often large scale, full of pigment, painted both wet into wet and layered gradually, they have a richness seldom found in this medium. For the viewer to be able to relate to his work on an instinctual and visceral level Fred says it must be treated as something with a life of its own. This, he believes, will result in paintings that are not merely competent, but stand out as unique and infused with character and feeling. Fred paints in a manner that is magical and yet very believable by focusing on moments that touch our retina for fleeting seconds but stay with us forever. The philosophical beauty of Fred's art lies in this: that each time the viewer gazes upon a painting there is always something new to discover, an insight from our own growing daily experiences. That is a timeless gift

• Block Island• Block Island, RI• 02807• Phone: 401-486-6308
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